Scripts & Tools for every site, for every day

Build a beautiful, modern website with flexible scripts, even if you have only static site. Or probably you do not have enough performance of your web server and looking for something powerful and cheaper? Try our-hosted scripts and cdn features on your site!

Scripts & Tools

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Counters & Statistics

Visitor Counter

Seamless integration in most popular CMS, forums, image boards

General metrics

Actions Logger

Get detailed statistics about user interaction with your portal

Trend Analytics

Get reports & analytics about whole user experience on your portal


Click Ads


Simple ads management platform

Easy setup, simple work



Buy views/clicks
Sell ads space


Google Ads PPC


Improve your Google Ads PPC rates

Partner links supervisor

Not all backlinks working? Delegate this job to fully automated system!

Configure once, and forget routines

Runtime keyword generator

Unable to handle keywords on user-generated content? Runtime keyword generator will help to solve this problem for you!

Trending Content

Will keep in sync your content with most trending requests by social & media platforms.


CDN tools

Image CDN

Store & deliver media content using our CDN with few clicks-to-install plugins for most popular CMS, forums and boards.

Up to 10.0TB/month


Have trending content but your online have problems with bandwidth even using CND? We have solution - WebRTC!


Streaming CDN

Have tonz of media files, and your provider does not propose enough bandwidth that can satisfy your needs? Check our possibilities!